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The article analyzes the humorous and satirical poems of I. Kachurovskij, O. Dovhyj, D. Ivanov and other authors that were published in the magazine «Literary Chernigiv» during the years from 1992 till 2012.

The main purpose of the magazine is in uniting the intellectuals, talented young people of Seversky land. But the magazine "Literary Chernigiv" is not just a local (near-Desna) phenomenon. For more than two decades on the pages of this issue are published the authors, who live and write their works both in Ukraine and abroad. This type of magazine is a real art; it is an attempt to unite artists in the joint national context.

After reviewing more than sixty issues of the magazine that were published during 20 years of its existence, it can be seen the way "Literary Chernigiv" searching for  broader profile and looking for a new face, a new image, and how its creators conceive and experience the new times in the life of their region and the whole country in general.

Artistic searches and discovery of contemporary poets of different generations that publish their humorously satirical works on the pages of "Literary Chernihiv" enrich the domestic writings with the new genre forms (bizarre poem, satirical aphorisms, palindromes, etc) and stylistic techniques and means. Verse satire and humor of the authors are widely known in Ukraine magazine and prove undeniable artistic possibilities in satirical exploration of various issues and poetic forms.

Ключові слова

poetic satire; humor; irony; grotesque; bizarre poem; fable

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