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The analysis of the song lyrics of Ukrainian lyricist Lilija Zolotonosha has been given. Despite of wide spectrum of interdisciplinary use of the term “aesthetic code”, we should note, that aesthetic code of lyrics remains unexplored fact in literary theory. The purpose of this article is to determine the markers of investigated phenomenon, to characterize its general motives, genres and images. Main literary and aesthetic aspects of her song lyrics have been done. Author's definite means of the lyrics expressions and aesthetic code, based on the material of the song lyrics of modern lyricist have been studied. A song is a self-expression of a poet and composer (its authors). Only those people can became real artists who can include, understand and pass ahead of their time and who stand out in  memory of the contemporaries and direct their creative search to the future. It should be noted that perception, listening and reproduction of lyrics as well as creation requires that recipient has not only aesthetic feeling but also all-round erudition. It is necessary to have a certain set of aesthetic codes to understand any song; which is necessary to apply to many factors in order to understand a deep essence of its mortgaged information. Taking into consideration that the essence and structure of phenomenon “aesthetic code” has been determined first, practical importance of given results consist in the fact that theoretical statements has been proposed. Their practical illustration can be used when students of philological and musical educational institutions study the professional subjects.

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aesthetic code; text of the songs lyrics; song; lyricist; audience (listener)

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