Oksana Ivasiuk, Vira Klimachova


On the Ukrainian expressionist outlook in early twentieth century had a great impact the tragic war and revolution as well as social and political situation.

Thorough K. Polishchuk worldview and, in particular, exaggerated the author’s «I» in the works (usual from first person narration) reader gets all the emotional stress the author had seen during the struggle and war. Expressionism in K. Polishchuk prose is perhaps most clearly pronounced, especially for experiences, views on the dehumanization of society against the background of the era, lack of spirituality, which was caused by the social, political and economic factors in the early twentieth century as well as the writer’s attraction to contrast, emphasis on the human mind, usage of symbols etc.  Overall, expressionistic writer’s style characterizes each K. Polishchuk work. The specific aspect of  writer’s short story is that the narrative emphasis transferred to the inner world of characters, focuses on the experiences and attitudes of the characters, actually the story «enlightens them.» The presentation of such fragments characterized by brevity, despite there are not many actors involved, the descriptions are brief but detailed.

In fragmented K. Polishchuk prose dominates the emotional, psychological and sensitive area. Attention to such prose sketches «Fragments of Life» («Yes, well?!.» «Their end», «The Last Day», «Vualka» «Have no mistress» «Is it?!.», «Silence» «novelist», «device») and «Polis'ki essays» («Poberizhnyk» «Povorotovets», «Veyt», «Hook»).

The writer clearly focuses on the emotional perception of the character of life conflicts. For short prose works of K. Polishchuk expressive acting style characteristic motif resistance to evil, bloodshed generated by totalitarianism. Day in the art world of the writer is based on the grounds of depression, loneliness, anxiety and melancholic disposition, attention is paid to mental and personal experiences of the characters.

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expressionism; impressionism; novel; narrative

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