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The purpose of the article is to comprehensively analyze and compare visual strategies that function in literary art and theatrical art in the story “Kaidash’s family” by Ivan Nechui-Levytskyi and play “Kaidashi”, which was created by Natalka Dubina. The author emphasizes the ways of transcoding the text visual image into the visual one. The main focus is on transformation of the Kaidash's image in the play and changing the roles of other characters in this regard. Dubina seems to be writing the script, focusing on the point of view of Omel'ko. She even creates a special character (called White), for the purpose of visualizing his delirium. Visual marking of the image of White, his way from the vision of Kaidash to one of the characters is examined. The author investigates the difference between the creation of a visual image in literary landscapes and theatrical scenery, in the reproduction of sleep in the text and on the stage, in clothes and everyday life, in the description of heroes in prose and the appearance of actors. The emphasis is on the difference between visual images in the text and in the theatre depending on the author's point of view. For the analysis of individual visual strategies, the technology of comparison is used, first, at the level of intermedialism, and secondly, at the level of  plot structure. Natalka Dubina actualizes the text of the story, replacing the ethnographic visual objects with symbolic ones. In such visual art as theatre, visual elements, for example, gestures, acquire special significance, but some visual elements in the script only sound.

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Ivan Nechui-Levytskyi; the story “Kaidash’s family”; play “Kaidashi”; visuality; visual image; character-observer; decoration

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