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In the article the religious and metaphysical ground of A.Solzhenitsyn`s and A.Sakharov`s ideological of 1970s is considered. Judaic form of verbal creation has conditioned progressivist nature of these main ideologies. Judaic prosopopeia is considered as ultimate sentence which creates visible due to the only fact of its utterance, brings into complete confluence of cogitable, vocable and desired. For Solzhenitsyn the pragmatic human transformation is possible through the literature as the stimulating verbal action imputed to every reactive consciousness. Sakharov expresses this stimulation in the stage-by-stage convergence and technological progress conception. The article emphasizes that the model of enlightenment mind at the beginning of 21st century as in 18th century has become a model of argumentative dialogue. This dialogue gives opportunity for everyone to dispute any statement about outward and inward nature, to make an assumption about true premises of thought, perception and behavior and check it in order to reproduce the cancellation of the conditions of individual and collective existence.

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ideology of 1970s; A. Solzhenitsyn; A. Sakharov; judaic prosopopeia

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