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The article deals with Agatha Turchynska’s visit to Turkmenistan, her acquaintance with Turkmen culture and its representation in different in genre and size literary texts. At the very beginning of an occupation of Ukraine by German troops the writer was evacuated to Ashgabat, where she worked in state-party executive boards of culture institutions and non-government organizations, often visited different regions of Turkmenia, studied history and the present of Turkmen art. Magtymguly Pyragy’s (Makhtumqoli Faraghi’s) creative works made special impressions upon her, and just as a fact that Turkmen knew the works of genius poet by heart, like many other countrymen’s poetry. Still being in Turkmenistan A. Turchynska wrote several poems about this country, about Ukrainian-Turkmen friendship, cultural interrelations. In 1946 in a cycle On Turkmen Land (collection A Song of Friendship) these poems were gathered together. Later on the cycle was supplemented with new poems in collection Selected Poems (1973) under a new name – Greetings from Turkmenistan. There are also Turkmen motives in a collection of poems Dumnyi Potik (1972). Her works are predominantly about special beauty and exotic of local nature, about originality and integrity of Turkmen culture, about the pearls of Turkmen poetry. Sometimes A. Turchynska installs to her texts local vocabulary, uses a stylization of written and folk lyrics’ rhythms of the land. In a cycle Shevchenko and Magtymguly from a collection My Land, my Star (1961), in which rhythms, vocabulary and tropes of Turkmen poetry were also used, it was said about Turkmen love for Ukraine, of creative works by Taras Shevchenko, about Magtymguly poetry perfection, about the fact that both poets were succeeded in representing the unique features of their people. The most comprehensive representation of everyday life, culture, the past and present days of Turkmen people is in a novel My Friend Ashgabat (1963), in which a transformation of her own impression from a country and its people could be observed.

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Turkmen culture; transformation; cycle; novel; rhythm; stylization; Magtymguly Pyragy

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