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The interest in modern Ukrainian drama is growing stronger among literary scholars, who consider a fairly wide range of issues, and the development of textual strategies in Ukrainian drama stimulates the thinking. The latest decade is especially relevant for research in view of the social and historic changes that are happening in our country as they become one of the themes for the playwrights’ works. The purpose of this paper is to trace and outline the variety of textual strategies used in drama texts making part of the «Maidan. Before and After» anthology (2016). In doing this the following tasks are performed:

-        studying the problematics and themes of selected plays; and

-        formulating the types of textual strategies in drama texts included in the anthology.

The methods used for research include empirical (traditional literary analysis, inter-textual analysis) and theoretical ones (structural and comparative methods).

We focus our attention on the textual strategy because the author’s strategy remains in an artist’s mind, the staging strategy is implemented by the director, and the perception strategy is formed by the spectators as an unpredictable response to the director’s skill in implementing the staging strategy.

Among the corpus of drama texts reviewed in this paper we have singled out the main types of textual strategies: the «local scene» strategy («Labyrinth» by O. Viter), monodramatic strategy («Third Prayer» by Y. Vereshchak, «Pussy in Memory of  Darkness» by N. Nezhdana, «Bogdan-2014» by O. Skoryk), geographic strategy («Out-of-place Child» by O. Mykolaichuk-Nyzovets, «Pussy in Memory of  Darkness» by Neda Nezhdana), historic strategy («Bogdan-2014» by O. Skoryk), religious strategy («Nativity Play 2015» by N. Marchuk), etc. The playwrights create timely pieces that are fit for both implementation on stage and reading. There is also a tendency towards combining several textual strategies in one play: the monodramatic strategy is often combined with the historic and geographical ones. The monodramatic strategy is also the most common one used by the playwrights.

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textual strategies; modern drama; conflict; character; genre

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