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The article analyses the theoretical basis and development trends of the semiotics in literary critics. It characterizes the scope of definitions of semiotics as the science about the semiotic system, common characteristics of semiotic systems, general theories of signs and systems. It is noted that because of semiotics popularity people not always engage research activities in this realm correctly, and there is excess use of its terms, which arouse concern among scientists. The article outlines the genesis of the sign theory itself, defines timeline and specificity of semiotics as a science, and designates its establishers, whose researches define the polarity in the approach to semiotics. It considers the primary gazes of the representatives’ of variant critical currents which had become a subject of strong support from ones and intense critics from others. The attention is focused on the researches of the 1950–1990’s in XX century by both national and foreign authors, which outline the topics of usage of the structural and semiotic methods in the study of literature.

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semiotics; sign; semasiology; sign process; paradigm

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